Feature Request - display detailed ethernet status for ePMP

In the device > details page, ePMP devices show “up” or “down” for Ethernet interface. No reason this shouldn’t show the current speed / duplex.

PMP devices show the current speed and duplex.

If you go to the AP > SMs list you can see the speed/duplex of the ePMP SMs, so the data is in cnMaestro, it just needs to be displayed on the SM’s detail page.

It does show the speed and duplex status on the Monitor → Network page.

Inside of cnMaestro?

OH, I’m sorry… I got confused… I thought you were asking about this on the radio’s mgmt interface. So you want to see the ePMP speed/duplex info in cnMaestro?

Yes, that’s why I posted a feature request in the cnmaestro topics and described the request.

@JLLC, if you haven’t already I recommend you also post this feature request to the Ideas section and link back here for increased visibility and so others can vote for it.

Done. Thanks for the tip.

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