Feature Request - Display SSIDs

While the spectrum analyzer tool integrated with the 450 line is great to identify clear channels, often times competitors or even customers have devices that can take huge swaths of bandwidth inadvertently. Having the ability to see SSIDs of Ubiquiti and other WiFi devices would be helpful in the unlicensed bands to facilitate communication and coordination with other entities. If when running a spectrum analysis it were able to grab a few beacon frames to display this info I think it would be a very nice feature.


@Matt_Hopkins, I totally agree with you. But unfortunately the 450 line does not use a WiFi chipset, so while this is surely possible with our proprietary FPGA, it unfortunately would take too many resources in the to do so. Sorry to disappoint.

Likewise, if you ask Ubiquiti or other WiFi devices to do the same thing and decode a 450 beacon, they will give you the same answer.

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Thank you @Charlie . I understand the hardship of the ask, just think it would be a “killer feature”. To be clear I’m not asking about interoperability at all with 802.11 devices, just a scan. I wouldn’t ask Ubiquiti, only Cambium has this potential capability. :wink:. It was worth a shot.

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