Feature request - logging signal levels of wifi devices


I would like to submit a Feature Request for consideration. 

We would like the mac addresses / ip addresses and signal levels of each device that has connected to an R190V router in the last 30 days. 

We also want to know the signal levels as customers move throughout the house, not necessarily the last known signal level. 

So if we can view the list of devices then see a list of current connected devices and signal levels (currently can do) but also show previously connected devices, and be able to click on one of those devices and see the signal levels over time for a specific device that would satisfy the request. 

- Ray


i like the idea Ray.  In particular, I would love to see signal levels around the house mapped onto a floor plan as the client devices roams around.  it would be an auto-completing signal map.  at this time, these features are not on the To-Do list of Residential.  I can keep these on a request list for consideration.  we could also provide the list of devices/signal level via a WebHooks POST.  I'll look into that.

the Residential portfolio is undergoing changes right now with new technology and new design for 2020.  on the immediate software roadmap, we are planning to bring back the template configurations for R-series.  this has been requested ever since Cambium removed template configurations awhile back.