Feature Request: PMP450 sectors in ePMP PTP config

Hi, we use the PMP450 85009324001 antennas at all our ePMP sites.

it would be possible to add this model to the antenna selection for ePMP?

the 60 degree 8325001 would be nice to have too!

Thanks, and keep up the good work! the PMP design tool is awesome!


Yeah, you'll need to buy some RP-SMA to N-male cables or converters, but yeah, they'll work great with ePMP radios. I didn't realize when I first posted this that you were asking to add the antennas to LinkPlanner for ePMP, so my bad! Glad they're working well for you!!

They've been running great for almost a year now!  

I'm porting the installed base to a linkplanner file, so we can maybe optimize our current setup

Hi Guilherme,

Thank you for this great suggestion. We will add the capability for ePMP Access Points to choose between the existing ePMP sector antennas and also the 60 and 90 degree antennas used on PMP 450 to LINKPlanner, hopefully in our next release by the end of August.



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Hi Guilherme,

This feature is now available in V4.3.2, available from the Cambium website.

Thank you for the suggestion.