Feature Request: Push current cnPilot configuration to cnMaestro


I would like a feature to push current cnPilot configuration and save it as a template in cnMaestro. It would be easy to match and deploy based on the previous cnPilot without having to set up a new config/WLAN template. 

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Hi Xen0bu,

This is currently possible by using the User-Defined Overrides section of an AP Group to enter a full configuration template.  See the Knowledge Base article below for details.


The UI has been simplified somewhat since the article was written but otherwise the procedure is mostly the same.  Ignore steps referencing Management as it is no longer used.

In order to get a full configuration template of an existing device you can export its configuration file via cnMaestro using the View Device Configuration link in its configuration tab, or by exporting the configuration file using the device's web GUI.  For cnPilot Enterprise this is located in the Operations section.

I tried the configuration override in cnmaestro but it didn't import my WLAN groups. All the other settings such as radio config were imported successfully. Are there any features to just import the WLAN on the cnpilot AP to cnmaestro?

Are you saying your User-Defined Override WLAN settings did not apply on the device successfully?

For each WLAN there should be an entry like below in your configuration file exported from the device.

wireless wlan 1
 ssid Example_SSID
 no shutdown
 vlan 1
 security wpa2-psk
 no protected-mgmt-frames
 band both
 dtim-interval 1
 max-associated-client 127
 mac-authentication policy deny
 passpoint interworking access-network-type private
 no guest-access

Each WLAN should have its own entry.  "wireless wlan 1", "wireless wlan 2", "wireless wlan 3", ect.

Are these entries included in the configuration file exported from the device?  The exported configuration should match the configuration actually running on the live device, and WLAN that are set up, exactly.

Yes, I do have multiple WLAN entries in the configuration file exported from the device. However as seen in the WLAN of the template, I only have 1 WLAN even after user overrides.

I think I'm starting to understand how the user overrides work. So the original template settings are still there but it is merely overriden by the user override correct? Are there any ways that I can mirror it into the template so I can see the settings in GUI mode? It would really help some of our customers that are not into editing text configurations.

I think I may understand better.  Are you saying that the text in User-Defined Overrides includes multiple WLANs but in the GUI in the Basic section only a single WLAN is listed?

You are correct in that any settings entered in User-Defined Overrides will overwrite the cooresponding setting specified in the GUI section of the AP Group.  This includes any WLANs.  Meaning multiple WLANs can be entered into User-Defined Overrides and that will get applied to the device.  However, no settings entered in User-Defined Overrides will appear in the GUI sections, including the WLAN list.

Do the WLANs entered in User-Defined Overrides get successfully applied to devices?

The Knowledge Base article I posted is more of a guide to transition from Configuration Templates to AP Groups.  The goal is to move from using text-based configuration to using the full configuration GUI.  I recommend that the full GUI of the AP Groups and WLANs be used instead of a full configuration file in User-Defined Overrides, if possible.  This can be done piecemeal by removing entries from User-Defined Overrides as they are set up in the AP Group.  This would allow your customers to edit configuration using the GUI.

There are currently no plans to attach a UI to User-Defined Overrides at this time.

You can add this feature to the ideas section if you'd like.  We use it to determine what new features should be added.  There may be an Idea similar to this posted already that can be upvoted. 

If you do post this to the Ideas section, please clarify if you want User-Defined Overrides to appear in a GUI or if you just want to be able to generate AP Groups and WLANs based on the configuration an existing live device.


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Thank you for your reply, I shall have my request on the ideas section.

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