Feature Request - Settings "on-the-fly"

Hi again! I am still a very happy epmp hardware user. And especially I am thankful to the community and to great support team which never leaves us alone with no answers!

The feature I would like to have - is that some minor settings could be done on the fly without reboot/clients drop. 

Like in UBNT they have done it since 6.0.4 - the TX power can be changed with no disconnects, and some other things like watchdog settings, etc. It would be very useful. 

Also (I am pretty sure it is possible, but too major to the protocol) if you all know UBNTs AirSelect feature. In my very noisy area there is no point to use spectrum analyser (Well, but also this is not so quick to be honest), so I usually watch spectrum and set the more or less free channels in the list and then airselect will swich them every period of time. Based on this feature I think it is possible to implement channel switch on the fly as well, so operator could just try onther channels if clients have issue.

I know it is stupid way to work and not how the wireless supposed to work, but what I know is nobody is using spectrum analyzer here, and nobody is cared about TX power - the more - the better. Now if i put down the power below 20dbm stations will get very poor MCS and RXQ...


Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Actually requested is already in our ToDo list.

Most likely we will start to adapt some parameters be applied without disconnect in the nearest future.

Thank you.

This is very very cool! Thank you in advance!