February 03, 2017 - What's Your Super Event

This week, in honor of the Super Bowl (Patriots/Falcons), share a story and/or photo of the "best event" you provided connectivity for. It could be a huge Beatles concert (but there wasnt WiFi in 1966) or a local school event. Anything goes.

You dont have to be big to win - three stories will be selected at random and each will win a T-shirt. 

So let's see some connectivity at events.

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FastAlp provide, in June 2016, internet for Staff, TV, judge and audience for 2016 ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup in Ivrea (Tourin). We used a ptp450 link to provide 100 Mbps of total throughput.


This is great! Send me your shipping address and shirt size and we will get something to you right away. Please send it to ray.savich@cambiumnetworks.com.