February 10, 2017 - How High Did you Install?

What is the highest altitude Cambium module that you have installed (above sea level)? Where is it located, and what does it connect - post a photo and get a free shirt.

Bonus points for highest tower install regardless of the total height above sea level.

were pretty low in Missouri, this tower we are mounted at 285' and are about 1100' above sea level.   (photo is before we finished changing our all of gear here ;) 

in the photo are 2 EPMP 1000 GPS PTP radios,   one 320 AP setup for spacial diversity (an experiment site from a long time ago) behind me where  4 more GPS PTP and 6 more sectors now converted to EPMP as well. 

all of the remaining UBNT PMP gear was changed out this past fall to epmp as well.  


We have 3 ptp650 in Italy (Aosta Valley) at the altitude of 3475 meters (11400 ft) above sea level. Two are connectorized and one integrated. Unfortunately I don't have the complessive photo of entire site.

In the background you can see the Matterhorn.


Cambium gear at Campo Imperatore, Italy, 2150 meter.
Pmp 450i on top, ptp 450i on bottom with parabolic dish in the ice...

Ice tickness is about 40 cm

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Campo Imperatore, central italy.

pmp450i on top, ptp450i on bottom, parabolic antenna hidden by ice. 

Ice tickness was about 40cm


what is the altitude of this installation? I see that Campo Imperatore is 1500 1900 meters.

Hi, sorry, the site is 2150m above sea level


Nice job on the high installations. Chris, Pierre, and Fabrizio --please send your shipping address and shirt size to ray.savich@cambiumnetworks.com and we will ship your Friday Fun prizes.


Friends don't let friends install high.  (Sorry, this subject's phrasing has had me laughing, had to share)