feed the AP through an SM


We’ve got about 20 users on this AP, but our leased line to the AP is not reliable now… So, is it possible to feed the AP through an SM … temporarily of course, until the telecommunications company’s technicians repair our leased line?


yes your set up should look like this


from switch you can provide service to site owner or what not.

some recommond you time the SM and AP together.

make sure the SM is as far as possible from the AP’s freq.

i recommond a Dish for the SM to your main site if possible.

I only 4 sites with actually BH’s the rest are linked via SM to AP configs…i have had 100 customers on a sm to AP remote site. i started to get a bottle nec and replaced with a bh

Vince, What is the longest reliable link you have using an sm for a bh unit?

distance wise about 11 miles, of course dished. the more distance you can put between the AP and SM the better… as well as freq.

yes, the above will work, but dont forget the sync cable from the SM to the AP…