Feedback on Wireless Manager


I am looking for some feedback on Wireless Manager (WM) as input into our management platforms development strategy.

  • How many devices do you manage with WM?
  • What do you like about WM?
  • What don't you like about WM?
  • Do you use cnMaestro?
  • What would it take for you to migrate your WM deployment to cnMaestro?


Rad Sethuraman

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We moved away from WM a long long time ago because it was horrible to use in every way.

I think the only people using it are people that need to manage legacy products, like PMP100.

We've completely moved to cnMaestro.

You guys need to just EOL WM to the dust bin... and move any remaining WM dev resources to work on cnMaestro and develop an SNMP based connector/module to allow cnMaestro to perform basic monitoring and mangement for legacy Cambium devices and possibly 3rd party devices.