Few omnis instead of few 60/120 degree?

The company I work for has quite a few base stations. Mostly we use 3-6 APs to cover an area. But there are sites where let’s say 2 APs are on heavy load and 1 or 2 have absolutely no SMs hanging on them…

Is there anything wrong in having few omnis one on top of another, ofcourse synced with GPS and with safe frequency distance?

This way you have flexibility to switch SMs from one omni to another if it’s under havy load, and if you need more, just add another omni (if you have some freqs left).

If the APs are properally synced, have proper frequency seperation, and are physically seperated by at least a quarter of a wavelength, then you should be okay.


Before implementing something like this myself, I would research the RF theory behind this. I would not stake my reputation on this working right now.