fiber and ethernet

Please add and option to General -> link speeds -> ethernet port selection.   the option would say Both (the ethernet port and the sfp port).

By allowing this option our switch that is connected to the 450M can turn on/off the ports as needed by using OSPF protocol.

This will help solve the following problem: All of our 450M's are connected via fiber.  If the fiber breaks we have to drive to the site,  log into the 450M, switch it to ethernet, reboot, and the customers are back up. 


The Techniciain will driving to the site, it takes about 2 to 3 hours (the customers are down until we can reboot the 450M). Then we have to drive to the site again to repair the fiber (we need a tower crew to climb).    if the above option was allowed our switch would detect no traffic on the fiber port and automaticly switch to the ethernet port. After the fiber is fixed our switch would detect that the fiber is fixed and would automaticly switch back.

The advantages:

1) we will save 2 trips for our technican - 1) change from fiber to ethernet and reboot and 2) after the fiber is repaired switch it back to fiber

2) the customers would never be down.  the switch would detect a problem and switch to the ethernet port or back to the fiber port automaticly.

the Disadvantages:

1) if a operator connectes both ports and does not use OSPF or some other protocol a loop would exist.

Please consider implementing this suggestion.

The above problem not using ospf protocol.  please use loadbalancing and failover or etherchaneel concept alias lacp protocol.  please check your switch support above protocols.  your switch support the above protocols then we want to implent the protocols.  once implented that protocols when fiber is down then immediately ethernet goes to up.