Fiber backhaul for tower sites

Hi all,

I am in the process of pulling fiber from the location of my Internet connection to each of our towers and want to backhaul the data traffic from each of the towers back on teh fiber rather than use the wireless backhauls.

I’m sure others are already doing this and I wondered if anyone would share what they are doing for the media conversion or describe their setup at the tower site. Currently, I simply have a CMM at the base of each tower with 3 - 6 APs and 2 BH at the top.

Any help and suggestions are appreciated.

Not done it for an ISP setup but other scenarios.

Simplest was an appropriate ethernet media converter at each end and 2 switches that supported spanning tree.
Otherwise straight into a switch with a fibre port and a 2 ports at each end configured to trunk. One fibre link, 1 wireless and with the wireless throttled to suit.

+1 for spanning tree if you want quick and dirty redundant links and don’t want to do any major changes (such as routing w/ OSPF at your towers). It’s fairly simple to do what Privateer said with something like a Cisco 2924 (if you don’t mind power-hungry, cheap-as-hell tanks) or Cisco 2950 for under $100 on eBay if you keep your eyes peeled.

If you’re not looking for redundancy and want to link up your CMM just a pair of media converters can get the job done easily. Most aren’t designed for outdoor use so you’ll want a decent enclosure. With that in mind find a good deal and get lots of spares. Something like this perhaps: … er-SC-15km

Thank You gentlemen for your help. I will begin looking into these options.