**Field Alert**: P10 SM Lite radios with NAT and DHCP serve

ATENCAO: O Field Alert abaixo refere-se a um potencial problema identificado em sistemas que utilizam radios SM Lite P10, com NAT e DHCP server habilitados.


PRODUCTS: P10 SM Lite radios (models 2460SMDD, 5260SMDD, 5460SMDD, 5760SMDD) with NAT and DHCP server enabled.
RELEASE: Release 8.x

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: A P10 SM Lite with NAT and DHCP server enabled running software 8.x may cause the radio calibration data to become corrupted and make the unit inoperable and possibly change the identity of the unit. P10 Lite SMs without NAT, or with NAT but without DHCP Server, are not affected.

WORKAROUND: Call technical support at 1-888-605-2552 or 1-217-824-9742 and state that you have a P10 SM Lite with NAT and DHCP server enabled. Technical support will record the customer information and escalate to the next level support team for the appropriate actions.

POINT OF CONTACT: 1-888-605-2552 or 1-217-824-9742. technical-support@canopywireless.com