Field Service Bulletin - ADI Catalina R1 Chip not supported

Attached is a Field Service Bulletin (FSB) for 5.8 GHz PMP 450 SMs and PTP 450 Backhauls.  Over the last 2 weeks customers have reported receiving radios showing an error message of ADI Catalina R1 Chip not supported.  We believe we have identified the  radios which may report this problem.  In the attachment you will find Manufacture and Electronic Serial Numbers (MSN/ESN) for the radios affected.  Any radios listed in the attached FSB should be returned to Cambium Networks.  The RMA process for this return is listed in the attachment.

We believe the MSN/ESN list covers all known affected radios.  If you have received a radio which is reporting ADI Catalina R1 Chip not supported and it is not in the list please contact us immediately referencing FSB9060.


Tom Dobbertin

Cambium Networks

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So this is only the 5GHz 450 SMs? Then why did I have a very similar failure on a 3.6GHz SM? It said only RF calibration failure, not ADI, but the event log showed ADI force reset invoked. And it acted just like the 5GHz SM that did show the ADI communication failure. They would both reboot after a minute or so when attempting to scan. I have about 20 more new 3GHz SMs and now I'm wondering if any of those will do this too?

Hey George,

Based on build times we dont believe and 3.65 GHz SMs would be affected.  Can you contact support, reference the FSB and this post, and ask to have the unit that is rebooting RMA'd?  How many SMs do you have that are rebooting?  

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Look up support case #SC22497. These two radios have already been sent in. The 5GHz SM is 6069RE08SJ. This is NOT on the list, yet it showed the ADI failure. The 3.6GHz SM is 6069RJ046G, also not on the list obviously.

Those are the only two 450 SMs out of our stock that I know of so far with ADI issues.

Was the radio in the case radio continually rebooting?

The 3GHz and 5GHz SM would both reboot every minute or so with something like "ADI force reset invoked" in the event log. The 5GHz SM showed the "ADI communication failure" message in red and the 3GHz SM showed "RF calibration failure" also in red. The common thing here is that they would both reboot every couple minutes with the ADI forced reset thing.

I'll ask one of the guys to reach out to you with a shipping label and we'll have you send it to Rolling Meadows for review.  I dont think its related to the Field Service Bulletin but I'd still like to see the radios.


Those two were already given RMA and sent to Elgin.

Also, George, this failure mode can be caused by many different things.

If something goes wrong with the ADI chip in any way, it can cause similar failure modes (i.e. RADIO NOT CALIBRATED, ADI COMMUNICATION FAILURE, etc.)

So, while this particular incident is known and units potentially affected have been identified, there could have still been a defect or error that can generate a similar failure mode.

Not trying to gripe, just wanted you guys to be aware. Hopefully we won't see any more of these.

I've just changed a PTP450 Backhaul with this error. Any news for this type of "SM"?

We've had a handful of 3.6 GHz 450 SMs that generated ADI communication failure errors after a week or two in the field.  It always seems to be the ones in remote areas that eat a lot of travel time to replace that fail on us.  *Sigh*

We've been RMAing them as they come in.

Just got a new SM with:

RF Calibration Failure

ADI Catalina R1 chip not supported!



Pretty recent board to have this problem. I thought this problem was over.

I did open a support case for it.

This failure mode can happen due to other root causes as well, but nearly always indicates a hardware problem.  Taking it through support is the right way to do it, and we should have you up and running again in no time.

Sorry this happened to you George.

It was an install across the street from our office. So it wasn't too painful. :)

We are seeing a number of SMs with this issue with similar MAC (0A003EB4xxxx)

These are from a new batch and we are seeing them frequently.

They are not listed on the original FSB.


Have you opened a support ticket for this?  We are unaware of any further systemic issues with this failure mode.  It would help to track this down if we can gather additional information.