Field Service Bulletin (FSB) - PMP 450 Incorrectly Keyed

A software defect has been discovered in PMP 450 radios prior to and including System Release 15.1.  This may result in symptoms as follows:

1) PMP450 and PTP450 radios have labels indicating radio is keyed to particular specifications but radio is keyed
differently (e.g. – Radio keyed for 20MB throughput may be labeled as such but is keyed for 4MB).

2) Another potential symptom is that radios keyed as a PTP450 are displaying characteristics of being keyed as a PMP450.

If a radio is showing either of these behaviors, the recommended resolution is to apply the license key again.  This will resolve the issue.

Contact Cambium Customer support and they can assist with generating and applying a new license key.

Open a trouble ticket with Cambium Customer Support at the following URL:

The FSB (FSB9067)is attached for reference.