figuring out luids in bridge table

I am trying to track down an ethernet IP in the bridge table of my AP. My MT shows the IP assigned to a MAC address so I looked it up in the bridge table and found: Mac:00D0CF0664FD DestLUID:018 Age:00 Hash:1019 Ent:01. It looks to me like it should be LUID 18 but it’s not. Going through the bridge table of every radio takes forever. Is there any way to find which SM has this MAC?

Nope, that’s the problem with a flat network.

walkabout wrote:
Is there any way to find which SM has this MAC?

No if the SM has NAT disabled.
You should make such a script to automate arping on every SM.

You did not mention which software version you are using. If it is V7 then the LUID is listed in HEX. It need to be converted to DEC to get the correct LUID.

HEX 18 = DEC 24
Or in Motorola terms
DestLUID:018 = Session LUID: 24

When I found this out a couple of years ago I was also quite confused. At least they have it straightened out in V8 though. <grin>

Thanks Louis. That has been bugging the hell out of me for a week.