file transfer

Forgive me but I am a noob. I have setup a small network to cover roughly 3 sq. miles,I have about 21 sm’s, 12 ap’s, two 5.2BH20’s and two 5.7 BH20. This network is used for CCTV parkinglot and traffic cameras. There are three CMM’s and everything gets piped through 5.7 BH20s and one 5.2 BH20 back to the basement of the local PD where it is monitored and recorded by them.

anyway, the local PD wants to set up a link to the 911 center down the street for network connectivity. what I did was set up a 5.7BH20 from 911 to the tower w/cmm (500ft) then back up to another 5.2BH to the other (1.7mi). from there it goes from the cmm to a gigabit fiber mux and under the street to the PD. all the signals look good average 1400 RSSI and 1/0 jitter set to 2X. My link test shows 9.5 down and 6.5 up give or take a few Kb. what my problem is that I have one computer on either end, both with shared folders I can’t for the life of me transfer a 5Mb file in less than 4 minutes. Does that seem right am I missing something? I have a little experience with his stuff. For the most part assume that the BH’s are as close to default settings for the most part.

I even went as far as turning all the cameras off on this side of the network so they have every bit of the bandwidth.

by the way all the units are running 7.3.6

I have been looking at this all day and even had the director call me and ask what the deal is because they need this link for dispatcher training at the pd with 14 PC’s connecting to a server at the 911 center to pull records from.

I am beginning to suspect the managed switch to fiber mux. is there maybe a MTU settin I should look at? I really would like to get this straight and make everyone happy (they all carry badges and guns :slight_smile:
any help would be so appreciated!!!

If the RF all looks good then I’d try the following:

1. Set CIR value on the BH Slaves to 20000kbps (configuration page)
2. Test speeds
3. By-pass all other equipment and hook in 1 computer at one end and 1 at the other and do a file transfer or TTCP test

4. Disable Transmit Frame Spreading if enabled
5. Test Speeds
6. Disable Encryption
7. Test Speeds
8. Try setting all devices to 10Mb Full Duplex
9. Test Speeds
10. Check ethernet stats for errors

Question what is the DownLink Data % set to?

the downlink % is set to 50 on all. I do have the CIR set to 20000Kbps. I will make sure that transmit frame spreading is disabled. Am I wrong in thinking that the transfer should be alot better than 4 mins? I hope not. Like I said the link tests show %100 up/down and no packet errors.

I’d definately try running a TTCP test over the Wirelss. It should give fairly accurate results as to how much bandwidth you can get from the link. From that you can move to the next step in testing. You need to find out where it’s slowing down, then work on the why.