Filters for 900Mhz APs?

Does anyone have or know where I can find the filters for 900Mhz APs?

I’m assuming this is what you are looking for? … py-9000APC

Yes but I would prefer the filters that can be put in the integrated AP cases.

i’m pretty sure they have to be built within the unit but i’ve never seen an internal 900AP in person so i don’t know

Maybe this? … ventPage=1

No, they are pretty easy to take apart and replace the filters. It’s just a cable you unplug.
We had a tower get hit by lightning and have to replace a bunch of APs.
We have some 900AP boards but no filters to use with them.

or if you only need a couple, i’ve got some on a shelf we don’t use. the spec is clean here


I am interested in the filter boards you have for the integrated 9000APs. Can we connect offline to discuss further?