Fimware version 3.8 Released


  • Zero Touch Provisioning: Simplified onboarding of mesh APs 
  • Auto-RF Enhancements: Packet error rate criteria in auto-channel selection
  • Captive Portal Enhancements: Custom responses to the captive portal network assists built into iOS, Android and other mobile devices.
  • Enhancements to ACLs : match only the OUI part of the MAC address (first 3 bytes) in association ACL as well as L2 traffic ACL if you have policies you wish to enforce by device-MAC vendor.
  • LLDP: Access Points support Link Layer Discovery Protocol for easier discovery on a LAN
  • IGMP: Support conversion of multicast streams to unicast based on IGMP, for improved video streaming performance.

Firmware and detailed release notes available at: and in cnMaestro.