Finally got some Medusa in the air....

Got some Medusa installed, and of course took a minute to look at it with a drone.

Medusa in the Air


This is so cool Ben! Thanks!

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I see some older PMP 450's there. Is that a PTP 820 licensed microwave feeding the tower?

No Problem, here's another video and image.

Maverick to Tower, Requesting a fly-by....




Great to see Ben - Thanks for sharing!


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I know I'm gonna get scolded on this.

But, you should make it a practice to install all of the equipment outside of the hand rail. There isn't supposed to be any obstructions on the hand rail according to a few large grain companies around here and their reference to OSHA.

I.e. you should be able to run your hand on that rail without taking it off while you are up there. (disclaimer, that catwalk isn't up to code anyway, so it probably doesn't matter to begin with)

Looks good though, and I hope it works as advertised.

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