Find other Canopy AP's with a SM

I would like to know about finding other Canopy access points by using a SM and a program like Net Stumbler to see if there are Canopy systems in the area. Is this possible? I know that Net Stumbler uses wireless devices to work and the SM connects to your NIC. So, is there a way to config the SM or a program that I can use to find Canopy AP’s in my area?

As long as the AP’s you are looking for are not configured for “SM Scan Privacy” then your SM should be able to see available AP’s within range. Use the “AP Eaval Data page in the SM”.

Make sure your SM is configured to scan all frequencies.

Using a refelector or high gain antenna will help you dermine the direction of the AP you are looking for.

Another way is to go under expanded stat’s, enable alignment mode. it will show all canopy ap’s in the freq of the sm you are using, there color code , freq, sector and how many users.