Firewall and Proxy Issues

Most profile request problems are caused by firewall or proxy server settings. covers the basics of configuring LINKPlanner to obtain path profiles and viewsheds, but some users still experience problems due to their network settings.

Proxy Server Authentication Errors

LINKPlanner only supports “HTTP Basic” authentication, so if the proxy requires anything else, LINKPlanner cannot connect. This is most often caused by a setting with Microsoft's proxy server, which by default only supports NTLM authentication. The preferred solution in this instance is to enable Basic authentication on the proxy.

What IP addresses does LINKPlanner connect to?

LINKPlanner requests data from the following locations:

- - To check network connectivity, news, updates and remote patches.

- - For viewshed and profile requests.

The IP addresses are dynamic, and they may vary from region to region.

Diagnosing Problems

When a profile request fails, the cross is shown in the bottom-right of the main LINKPlanner panel (Figure 1 - Profile request error).

Figure 1 - Profile request errorFigure 1 - Profile request error

Right-click on the icon to display the Progress dialog and click on the “Details >>” button to see more information (Figure 2 – Expanded Progress Dialog).

Figure 2 - Expanded Progress Dialog

The dialog shows that the profile request failed. Double-click on the row in the table to jump to the related error message (Figure 3 - Request Error Message).

Figure 3 - Request Error MessageFigure 3 - Request Error MessageMore information can also be found in the LINKPlanner log files.

To locate the log files on Windows:

 - Click Start -> Run (or Windows Key + R)

 - Enter "%APPDATA%\LINKPlanner" in the "Open" text box

To locate the log files on a Mac:

  - Open Finder and then click "Go" -> "Go to Folder"

  - Enter "~/Library" in the text box and click "Go"

  - Navigate to the "~/Library/Application Support/LINKPlanner" folder

There may be multiple files starting with “cambium_linkplanner”. These are the recent log files. “cambium_linkplanner.log” is the most recent file, then “cambium_linkplanner.log.1”, and so on.

If you still have problems obtaining profiles then email and include a copy of the log files and details of the steps that you have tried.