Firewall on the border with ePMP Network configuration


ePMP devices can be configured via:

  • Web Interface;
  • CLI access (SSH/TELNET);
  • SNMP.

So in case of Firewall is used in your network, specific rules should be added not to lose ePMP control and be able to configure it.

Web interface can use HTTP - UDP/TCP port 80 and HTTPS - UDP/TCP port 443.
However custom UDP/TCP can be configured for HTTP/HTTPS connection to ePMP UI.

SSH uses standard UDP/TCP port 22.
TELNET uses standard UDP/TCP port 23.

In case you need to use ePMP device in Spectrum Analyzer mode, please note UDP/TCP port 8001 port is used for data transferring between ePMP device and Java Application running on your laptop.
Please note avary of listed port should be allowed on Firewall to make communication between ePMP device and other devices in network behind firewall possible.