Firmare Version

Does anyone have any experience with this release yet? Is it stable?

Yes, as long as you don’t try to use NAT.

Don’t use it on backhauls. With SMs and APs it’s OK.

When I put it on Backhauls it started giving me errors on my HP swich and losing packets like crazy.

I upgraded 3 2.4 ap’s on Friday. They are all p9 modules. These worked
flawlessly on 7.36. Since the upgrade all three are rebooting themselves every 5 minutes!
The SM’s attached to these ap’s were all upgraded as well and they are staying up.
I’m going to have to downgrade the ap’s.

General consensus is no, I’m assuming from these posts.

It can’t be considered stable only if you don’t turn “this” on or “that” on or enable “this” or “that”.