Firmware Improvement Request - Time & Date Needs To Be Sent to AP & SM's from AP's GPS

We have ePMP disployed in many private networks that have no connection to the Public Internet or to any NTP time server source. 

With these networks, there is a  defiinate need to allow the AP's GPS to set the AP's Time & Date - then transmit that information to each of the SM's that are in the network. 

I would suggest that a interlocking "radio button" be added to the "NTP" section in each AP and SM's to allow the radios to select the output of the GPS to obtain the current Time & Date

Hi Danny,

Thank you for sharing this.

We will analyze possibility of implementation and will let you know our conclusion.

Thank you.

Or the ability to syncronise the time using cnMaestro on-premisis version.

This would be cool too.

Time from cnMaestro On Premises would be beneficial also, however in 100% of our private networks, there is no cnMaestro.  

Time & Date data should readily be available from the AP's GPS.  The feature just needs to be added to send the Time & Date data to the AP and on to the SM's.

Perhaps an easy way is to implement an NTP Server in each AP and have each SM pointed their NTP request back to the NTP Server in the associated AP.