Firmware Question - GPS Enabled Radio versus SM

OK, I have two ePMP sectors on air now and have one customer connected. I've managed to on-board these sectors into cnMaestro. The SM is not showing up in cnMaestro and I am assuming it is because of the 2.0 firmware currently loaded. The instructions to upload tell me to step through the firmawres until I hit the most recent.

That said, I have GPS enabled APs in the air so I am assuming that the firmware I will use for the SM side will be the same??????  Or since the SM doesn't have GPS, I need to use the non GPS firmware for the SM???

To summarize, which firmware package do I use for the SM if I have GPS capable radios @ the AP?


Hi Arnie, 

For GPS radios, use ePMP-GPS_Synced-v2.6.tar.gz

For all other radios, use ePMP-NonGPS_Synced-v2.6.tar.gz

Since your radio is running 2.0, upgrade to 2.6 first and then upgrade to 2.6.1. 



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Thank you sir.