Firmware update hanging

I have been working on getting all my equipment on 15.1.3.  I have run into an issue on almost every access point i have updated where cnMaestro hangs on a SM.  Signal numbers to that SM are just fine, but it hangs up on Downloading the image.  I have tried pausing and restarting the job; I have tried rebooting the SM; I can't move on to the next job till the current one finishes; and I can not delete the job.  (which needs to be fixed, I should be able to stop and delete a job at anytime for any reason).

The only way I have been able to get around this is to run a spectrum analysis on the SM for 5 minutes.  This seems to be just long enough for cnMaestro to give up and move on.

Anyone else seen this and found a better way?

Can you please send me private message with your cambiumID and jobID which is stuck?


I am having the exact same issue however I have not tried the spectrum analysis.

Intereested in the fix.


Can you please confirm your cambiumID?

Is it cloud or On-Premises?

Please send all details via private message to me.



I have the same issue, i can't export cnmaestro data because of this stuck upgrade. Even when I  reboot the server, it comes back up with this same stuck Job. We need a FIX!