Firmware update is stalled

I have a PTP550 radio that is dropping quite a bit due to horrible interference. I was trying to install an STA firmware ( I can’t get this on Maestro) and during the upgrade process, the radio keeps cutting out. Now I can’t get into the radio because it keeps saying “firmware update in progress” is there a way I can rectify this situation without having to drive to the radio and manually unplug it from power? I suppose going there in person would solve two problems since I should be able to load the firmware manually, but if remote is do able, I would love to give it a try. Thanks

Try using a private browser window or completely clearing the cache in your browser.

I will give that a try now. Thank you :slight_smile:

No luck with the private browser or cache clearing

You can also try to ssh into the radio and reboot it. Then, if it comes backup with the current firmware and not the new firmware, attempt the upgrade again.

I have never SSH’d into a radio, I will look for instructions on how to do that and give that a try. Thank you

If you can issue a reboot command with CnMaestro that for me has worked.

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