Firmware Updates

Just did a Firmware update on the network. All BH’s, AP’s and SM’s are running 7.3.6. CMM’s are at 2.1.3.

One thing I’ve noticed after the update is that all the return times are MUCH higher then before. Anyone know why this would happen?

Are you in SW or HW scheduling.

7.3.6 is really intended for use on HW scheduling

Everything is HW. AP’s and BH’s.

I also noticed another blip. I can’t seem to access the CMMmicro’s using LYNX from our routers, but I can still access the all the BH’s and AP’s just fine.

We are also getting alot of packet loss. Which wasn’t there before we upgraded. Could it be an auto-negotiation problem because all the CMMmicros are set to AUTO on all the ports.


There are some issues with auto negotiation.

What is the CMM connected to? You may need to force to 100F

The CMM’s are connected to our routers. I’ll try setting the ports on the router to 100Mfd to see what happens.

On a side note. We tryed upgradeing the CMM’s to v2.20, we did one CMM and had no problems. We went to the second one, upgraded it but then it wouldn’t let us communicate with any of the radios on tower. Flash it to 2.1.3 and it works fine.

All radios were set to auto-neg and all the ports in the CMM were set to auto-neg. Even when I forced the Radios and the CMM I still couldn’t connect to the radios. I even tried forceing the CMM port my laptop was connected to 100Mfd and then forcing my laptop to 100Mfd and I lost ethernet link. Tried again at 10mhd and still no link.