Firmware upgrade/downgrade force 300-19

Hi, we have installed Force 300-19( connecting to a sector(4.6.1) and tried to downgrade the SM firmware to 4.6.1. Getting an error said that we cannot downgrade to version below 4.6.4 and the hardware doesn’t support below 4.6.4. But the inactive bank had 4.6.1. I was able to downgrade to 4.7. Searched for 4.6.4 and seems like no version like that. If it doesn’t support below 4.6.4 how it had 4.6.1 in inactive bank and how can I downgrade it to match to AP?


The only way you can downgrade one of those radios to 4.6.1 is if you have one of the older 4.7 beta releases that will allow it ( more info in that thread ) . Version 4.7.01 fixes some, not all, of the problems 4.7 caused , I think fixed some of the worst issues and there is currently a beta release I think that fixes most/all of the worst stuff.

4.7.1R13 (Beta)

There is a 4.6.4 release that support can provide. It is basically 4.6.1. We went through this when we had issues with 4.7.x. All of our gear is now on 4.6.4 and that seems to be the most stable (after 3.5.6)

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