Firmware upgrade

I buy a kit of Canopy 5.7 (AP+2SM), and work great but in the Canopy page see a new firmware release 4.2.3 DES and downloaded, when I put this version in the SM it works but if I go to spectrum analizer and enable that function the SM cease the comunication with my PC and with the AP.
I try to find the previous version 4.2.1 but can’t find it.
Can somebudy helpme?

This seems to be a unique situation. I tried to recreate it and was unable to. Have you tried to boot the radio with the default plug? Are you unable to get into the radio?

Hello, thanks for your answer. I can go into the SM but when I go to the option “spectrum analyzer” and enable it, the SM freeze, and if I look in the AP tell me “Registerd SM count = 0” and make me boot the SM.

I want to go back to the version 4.2.1. Where can I get it.

The AP still have the version 4.2.1 and I don’t want to risk an upgrade because only have one AP and two SM

I have the 4.2.1 firmware but how do i send it to you?let me have your email add so that i can attach it for u.
In anycase i did an upgrade with the 4.2.3 and have enabled the spread spectrum and have no problem with it.Did u have any errors when doing the upgrade?All the same contact me for the 4.2.1
thanks and have a nice day