Firmware Ver 2.2 issue

I am having an issue changing the center frequency since upgrading the AP to 2.2 from 2.1.2.

The page does not give an error but when you click update it reverts back to the original setting.

Tried rebooting AP, clearing the browser cache and tried a different browser that had never logged into a 320ap in the past.

Resolved the issue by downgrading unit to 2.1.2 making the changes and then upgrading the unit back to 2.2

Came in this Saturday to upgrade/provision 4 APs. Saw the same thing. Should of hit the forum first to save some headache!

Just encountered the same bug. Another workaround (apart from downgrade+config+upgrade) that would allow frequency changes without downgrade again, is to enable the new ‘upper 3.65 scanning’ feature in ‘Wimax Capabilities’, save, reboot, then enter the frequency in the newly-accessible ‘upper 3.65 configuration’ section, by entering index 1 and the chosen frequency. :frowning: