First EPMP2000 Elevate UBNT cant see the AP

We have a bunch of EPMP2000 which we are going to be deploying to replace rocket M5s.

I have deployed one EPMP2000 with the 2000 90-120 sector and beamforming antenna.  I have setup the SSID on a 20MHz channel.

When I perform a site survey from a UBNT PowerBridgeM5 running FW 5.6.2 which is currently connected to a sector on the same tower, I cannot see the SSID for the EMPM 2000.  

Is this to be expected?  Will it only become visible once the elevate firmware is installed?

Thanks guys. 

The UBNT radio will only see the ePMP AP if it is operating in wifi mode.  If it is in TDD mode it won't be seen until you elevate the UBNT radio.


Third party SM will see ePMP2000 working in TDD mode only if it is running Elevate firmware.

I encourage you to do the testing in the lab before you do your first Elevate in the field. It will help to get better understanding how ePMP2000 and Elevate firmware works.