First Force300 impressions in a PTP link

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today we've installed our first F300 ptp link at about 9,5 km.

We've noticed that there's no ePTP mode, just TDD PTP.

In TDD PTP latency is terrible high.... about 5-15 ms and sometimes more.

With F200 in ePTP mode, we have 1-2 ms.

Is there a plan in the near future to add ePTP mode with Force300?



Hi, as I understand it - that's just in the Beta software. Once the firmware is release, it'll have (AFAIK) all the modes we are used to on the other products.  And it will also be a client which can connect to ePMP1000/2000 Access Points, as well as the yet to be finished 3000 Access Point.   So - not to worry, I think this was just the first mode completed and people (like me) were asking to get them so we could start testing/using them as backhauls.  :)

I really hope so... because now we're using 4.1 version (not beta) and I thought that was an official release.

But I hope that in the very near feature they'll release software with eptp mode and all other stuff like we're used to.

When the first ePMP radios came out there was no ePTP mode... it actually took awhile for this mode to be developed and operates on a completely different method of communication then the other modes. For various reasons I can see this mode being developed later because it's less used then other modes, like TDD or TDD-PTP, both of which support GPS sync and need to support backwards compatibility. The 300 (and the AC series in general) uses a completely different wifi chipset and I'm guessing that they'll have to do some serious work at a very low level to impliment ePTP. It's not just as simple as copying firmware over as ePTP relies on some low level chip magic.

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Yes, Eric is correct. It’s not a straight port of the code for ePTP mode from the 11n chip to the 11ac chip. However this time around it should be quicker as we know the general idea/design to implement it successfully. Therefore we anticipate it to not take as long as the first ePMP radios. We are fully aware that ePTP mode is attractive and much sought after for PTP links for it’s low latency. We hope to roll in some of the missing features as soon as we complete development of the base functionality on the 11ac devices.


Thank you all for your replies...

I hope you'll complete development of 11ac functionality soon.

Best regards,


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@Gggh wrote:

while, buy mimosa.

Hi. Have you read this thread?

Yes, there are some features still missing - but we're using a Force300 backhaul link with pretty impressive results, even with incomplete software.  We're pretty pleased with their performance and stability and spectral efficiency.