First generation 450 SMs losing authentication settings on 21.1 STA-1

Since updating to 21.1 STA-1 on 5 ghz we have two first generation 450 SM’s so far that randomly began to authenfail on the AP, we found that the SM’s lost all of its AAA authentication settings and enabled the security banner.


Strange… did they lose all their settings or just those? We have a random rare issue out there that upon upgrade/reset they lose all their settings that we haven’t been able to track down.

Just those settings that I found were different, Site information and color code were the same.

It was very odd, I do not recall ever seeing this issue before. The two radios are geographically over 50 miles apart in different subnets so the only common factor I can see is the firmware version.

I did pull the engineering off both if you would like them.

We are now up to 11 SM’s, across our network all 1st gen radios.

11? Yikes. Out of around how many?

I don’t think I’m going to be the one working on this specific issue, but either I or @Cambium_Lena can gather the data you have and open an issue.

@RCW-Andrew, could you open a support ticket and post the engineering.cgi logs from these SMs?

I will do that soon.

Up to 12 now, Very low percentage out of 2500ish subs.


Request #313033

I only added 4 engineering files, not sure if 12 is helpful.