Fix Chrome Access

For MONTHS now we haven't been able to use HTTPS on our cnpilot R200 routers through chrome. Is there anything you're doing to resolve this issue? Is there anything we can do to work around it? (Besides dropping chrome obviously) Has this already been patched but not mentioned in the release? The second image is if you're already authenticated through http and you switch to https. We see this screen A LOT even when not using https. 

I am forwarding your note to our support and product team now.

Thank you. Please keep an eye on this forum as I have been in touch with support to no avail with any issue I'm seeing on the R200 routers and Maestro. I'll be posting here from here on out.

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Apologies for the delay in response. Can you help me understand better the problem that you are experiencing. I have a few questions/comments based on the information provided by you.

1. Did you try connecting to from a laptop connected to one of the LAN ports of the R200/201? Are you getting an error here also ?
2. Please upgrade to latest firmware 4.3.2-R1 (from cambium support site), and try again.
3. The other screenshot you shared, should not occur with the latest firmware. Even otherwise it should just be a matter of refreshing the page to get the GUI proper.
4. cnPilot R200/201 carries a Cambium signed certificate, and since the browsers do not have the corresponding certificate installed in them, you may see a warning when accessing the device using https. We should add an exception to proceed. Please note that the data exchange is still TLS encrypted (see attached screen shot)

Let me know if I have not touched upon your real concerns.