Fix for bug when setting channel plan product or license

In v4.3.1 an error can appear when editing the product or license in a channel plan. The error will appear as:

AttributeError: 'PMPChannelPlan' object has no attribute 'set_similar_value'

Patches to fix the bug are available below, but the simple work-around is to click on the "Create Plans" button in the channel plan tool bar. This will create all of the required channel plans for the current project.

The Windows patch file is located at

To install the patch:

  • Close LINKPlanner
  • Open the LINKPlanner installation directory in Explorer (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Cambium Networks\LINKPlanner)
  • Navigate to the folder "link_planner\model"
  • Place the attached file in the "model" folder
    • You may need to download the files to a neutral location such as the desktop and then copy it into the model folder. Windows doesn't like you replacing Program Files.
  • Start LINKPlanner

The OSX patch is located at

To install the patch on OSX:

  • Stop LINKPlanner if it is running
  • Open the "Applications" folder in Finder
  • Right-click on "" and click "Show Package Contents"
  • Navigate to the folder "Contents/Resources/lib/python2.7"
  • Unzip ""
  • Remove the "" folder (if it is still there) to leave a "site-packages" folder
  • Navigate to "site-packages/link_planner/model"
  • Overwrite the existing "​​channel_plan.pyc" file with the attached copy
  • Start LINKPlanner