Fix the frequency center

How can I fixe the center in one specific channel?

How does the link work when all the channel have interference?.

For fixed frequency operation , select Spectrum Management Control = Fixed Frequency and enter a frequency in the Wireless Configuration page of the Installation Wizard like this:

Thanks but my idea is working with  DSO (not fixed frequency) but I want to view the spectrum centered in an specific channel.

If you only choose the lower frequency you only see a low range of frequencies  (not all the band).

I'm not 100% certain I understand the question, so please get back to us if this reply is off the mark.

The Spectrum Expert has two display styles: If the Extended Display mode is disabled, the Spectrum Expert shows just  the channels in the configured Regulatory Band. There is no option to display only part of the band.


If the Extended Display mode is enabled, the Spectrum Expert shows all of the channels between 4900 MHz and 6050 MHz.

Are you looking for something different?

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