Fixes for 11.1 ICC Issues

I liked the new features introduced in this release, but Installation Color Code has a problem out of the gate. When an 11.1 SM sees an AP with ICC enabled, and if the SM is not set up with the color code for that AP, it immediately registers with that AP on ICC without giving itself time to scan for others. We began having problems when we enabled this feature. Thankfully, the nature of ICC means that we can log into the SM and set the ICC’ed AP as a secondary color code, and then rescan on AP Eval (which, before we rescan, normally only contains that single ICC AP). However, it seems as though this could easily be fixed by simply adding a delay to ICC registration. Perhaps three full frequency sweeps? Or even a simple timed delay might suffice.

Thanks for the feedback! I sent it over to one of the software engineers and we will look into it.