Flapping and Dropping of link

I have this PTP58500 RADIO unlincesed installed between a distance of 68km, and at mornig hours, we experience link drop for an hour thirty minutes or there about between 5:30am to 6:45am. while from 7:00am it picks up and run normal at full capacity.

we carried out re-alignment, changed RF Cables, POC cables and PIDU, but the Radio has been installed for over 7 years. check at the radio shows is fine.

what could be the reason for this drop at the period of the day? does the age of the radio affect its perfomance? i  need solution to this issue.

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The age of the radio does not normally affect performance.

Are you able to provide us with the field diagnostics file for both ends and the LINKPlanner file for this link?

Thanks, Mark

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The first two things I'd look for are a change during that time of the signal level itself, or the SNR.  The first would indicate signal fade (possibly morning fog??  various possible causes depending on your environment) while the second would indicate intermittent interference, like some equipment on the same channel that turns on early morning, dumps some data somewhere, then shuts down until the next data dump.

The first step really should be to compare the radio stats before, (particularly just as it's dropping) during, and after the outage. 


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I am also facing the same issue for my Link (with PTP450i connectorized). I face this issue in winter season only. It drops almost -20 to -30 dB .

Is there any chance to solve this with some configuration. There is very less interference and LoS clear.