Flashing on 900 450i Yagi Nut

I got a deep slice through the tip of my right middle finger today when finger tightening a nut with a nigh invisible piece of flashing on it.  Because of how sharp the flashing was, it's a nearly surgical incision, and as a result it should heal quickly.  So it's not a huge deal, but I thought I would mention it for QC purposes.

Depending on who we order them from, the 900 450i Yagis we get have galvanized lock nuts or stainless steel washers, lock washers, and nuts.  Some of them have two white cable ties holding the antenna cables, while others have white plastic clips.  This one had cable ties and stainless steel nuts, which is a combination I don't think I've seen on any of our other antennae.  There was no serial number on the antenna itself that I could find, and I'm not sure which order it came from as I didn't have the box with me.

On the drive back to the office, I nearly swallowed a wasp that was in a Starbuck's energy drink, and must have been there when manufactured because it's not a type of wasp native to this rgion.  Feeling very Irish today.

Sorry to hear about the injury... we will report this information back to our antenna supplier.  There have been some minor changes to the Yagi since launch, so there may be very slight differences between various shipments.

We noticed our new shipment of Yagi's will not fit on our standard 3/4" pole. Threads are not deep enough. We have resorted to stacking washers. 

I put washers on them as a general practice anyway.  We had problems with older Moonblink Yagis not fitting on our poles, and a washer reduces the odds of damaging the antenna by overtightening.