Flexible Licensing Server

Is anyone else having issues with the flexible licensing server?  All of my APs lost connection.  Some are now connected and others are showing status "1015"...  The one that is connected shows the incorrect number of allowed elevate licenses.

same problem now

I do not know why the license is not written into the epmp radio, then these problems or problems will not occur if AP

We are experiencing issues with Flexible Licensing service. We are doing our the best to fix it asap.
We are terribly sorry for inconveniences.

Thank you.

Cambium should have anticipated this and already have a solution, having backup servers in other locations, this situation is completely reprehensible

We also have this problem here. The first troubles began on July 22 at about 17 EET.

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We are having issues with all our APs. They loose contact withe the elvated server. A reboot seems to fix it temporarily.

This is riduclous. Nice way to spend a Sunday. 

So if Cambium servers go down then all our APs go down? This was not explained when we opted for the flexible license agreement. 


I am having the exact same problem.....

I would like to see a longer timeout on the flex server so licenses stay put for 24+ hours on an AP. Then if these server problems come up again at least we stay up. 

Frustrating to see as well. Feels like baicells which is an ugly word...

All ap's now reporting

"Connection Status
undefined. The device will try to re-connect to the License Server in 5 minutes."

but the license count seems to be right.

This should be a faster fix, all day it's been in and out. 

Same Here, it's disappointing.

I am having the exact same problem.....


Same here. I think its unacceptable that there is no resolution or communication around the issue

Info from Support Cambium: 

"The server that manages elevate licenses encountered a problem and was offline for some time.
The server was recovered a few hours ago and is in serious catch up mode at the moment, authorizing and managing elevate licenses. 

Could you please reboot the APs, after the reboot check connectivity status. Following that you may see only 1 Elevate license allowed and later it would show the correct value. As SMs register this number should go up."

After the AP restart, I still have the connection status: unknown, but the Elevate license limit is set to 120 for some time. The software version on the AP is 3.5.1 and 3.5.2.

Also after disabling and enabling the License Server Agent service - ePMP Elevate Subscriber Module Limit = 120

the same problem, clients bombing me

Same problem here in South Africa

Same problem to Hungary :(

Same problem from Italy :-(

I have the impression that after changing the software to 3.5.2 the Elevate limit is constantly maintained at level 120, despite the lack of connection with the license server. Is it similar to you?

Greetings from Poland

I've the "impression" that we have paid a lot of money for Elevate Licenses and the situation it's inacceptable!

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Same problem!!!!