Flip-flopped bandwidth throughput!

I just installed ePMP1000 AP on a tower and tested with 1 SM.

Distance: .5 miles

Frequency: 5180

AP: v2.3.3, GPS SYNC from CMM, 75% download

The tower is connected with PTP600 which has 130 Mbps (plenty of bandwidth).

AP-SM Link is 100% with power level in -71

RF bandwidth test between the AP-SM shows: 30.4 Mbps, 7.3 Mbps

When I do an Internet bandwidth test, I get 1.9 Mbps down and 8+ Mbps up

I have not implemented any traffic shaping.

I should be getting at least 39 Mbps down and at least 7 Mbps up on speedtest, but it's backwards? Is the uplink/downlink ratio in the AP incorrect? Bug?

What is going on? I'm very frustrated right now.....

Lets look at this step by step -

What is your UL/DL configuration set to?

What is your UL/DL RSSI?

What is the interference level as reported by spectrum analyzer for 5180?

What internet bandwidth tester are you using?

What is your latency?

What is your UL/DL configuration set to? Downlink/Uplink Frame Ratio 75/25

Operating Channel Bandwidth 10 MHz

What is your UL/DL RSSI? RSSI DL:71  RSSI UL: 68

What is the interference level as reported by spectrum analyzer for 5180? Interference is -86 or lower

What internet bandwidth tester are you using? www.speedtest.net

What is your latency? 68 ms

Any help?

Uplink RSSI -74
Downlink RSSI -71
Uplink SNR 24
Downlink SNR 27
Uplink MCS: 14
Downlink MCS: 15
MIR Profile: OFF
Uplink Rate: N/A
Downlink Rate: N/A
Downlink Quality: 100%
Downlink Capacity: 90%


Downlink 29.028 Mbps
Uplink 7.566 Mbps
Aggregate 36.594 Mbps

Hi Ram Patel, 

Those RSSI levels appear low for 0.5 miles. Have you made sure you have aligned the SM properly to the AP? I dont know the exact details of your installation but I would recommend you check LINKPlanner first to see what kind of performance you should be getting from this deployment. LINKPlanner can be found here: https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/linkplanner/

Now, can you please post a screenshot of the Monitor->Wireless page of both the AP and SM while running the throughput test. The number of wireless packet retransmissions and MCS spread will give us a good idea of why the throughput is low. Also, with an RSSI of -74 and an interference of -86 gives us a C/I of 12 which partially explains the throughput you are getting on the wireless link. Can you please run another Spectrum Analysis at the AP and post the results?

As for the internet bandwidth test, what tool are you using to do this bandwidth test? Is it speedtest.net or something similar? 



I am having the same issue. Did you resolve your problem? if so, how?