Floating SM Advantage License

I purchased and installed one of these. What is the “definitive” way to check if this is “active?” On the SM web page, in expanded stats I do have my upper level bandwidth allocation displayed… 10500’3500 but the last line says 7 Mbs aggregate and of course the display page does not list advantage.) I have never seen this particular SM pass ethernet traffic greated than 5 Mbps.

Thanx in advance


You could try:

/usr/local/Canopy/FLEXnet/lmutil lmstat -a

From your Prizm server and make sure your license shows that it is present and checked out.

You can also go to the Help menu and choose Show Licensing. There are two tabs there that will show you what is available and what is in use, but not where.

I’m not sure how you can check on a specific device. We don’t use any floating licenses besides AP licenses, and I’m not sure how to check that either. I’ll look into this further when I can and post here again…

I just checked it and there is “Users of NoCap: - 1 license issued; 0 licenses in use.” On the surface it seems that the SM is not obtaining AND using a license…

Hence my original question…


Motorola tech support told me that in the expanded stats, it will report the higher bandwidth…

I am using PRTG, and this SM never hits higher than 5 Mbps. (Same for the Prizm stats)

There are two SM’s on this AP… I have a 25Mbps Internet feed… with 100mb connectivity

Look at the Sessions Page on the AP. It will tell you what the bandwidth caps are and that they are controlled by BAM/CLMP. Make sure they show the values that you have set in the Bandwidth Service Plan.


I looked at the sessions page and you were correct. The higher bandwidth settings are in force. However, the Rate: is 2X/1X which may explain the “cap” on the bandwidth.

Now I have something else to look for…