Force 110 freezing

We installed 2 pairs of Force 110, same tower, same cable, same cable length, same setting just different frequencies. The first one, run so nicely, no complaint at all. The other one always get freezing every some hours, not able to console or even ping the master ptp from local network. All we have to do is turn the poe off, wait a minute, turn it back on and everything back to normal, al least for hours before it get to freeze again. We already update the firmware, still same result. Any idea why and how to fix this problem ?


First off verify while it's down if you can move it from your switch/router to your laptop - is it stlil inaccessible?

Assuming it has problems replace the POE and radio first.

If it continues replace the line.

If it continues still you've got to have some sort of EMI issue, such as an AM/FM on the tower.

When it freeze, it freeze. We can not access it either direct to laptop nor by switch/router. Not even able to ping. We had change the PoE and the Cable but the problem still remains. I have the other Force110 in the same tower, but no issues at all. I think it might be defect on product or something. Thanks for the info. Dharmadi