Force 110 ptp as Access point

Hi Guys , can you please tellme if some has experience using a Force 110 as a  Access Point for a Point to Multipoint system ?  Or a a suscribers of a C050900R151A AP Lite with GPS ?


Should work as long as the SMs connecting to it are in a direct beam behind each other, since a F110 is directional not a sector

Thanks szkullzaflare. 

The idea is to use a RF Elements 30 degrees sector antena. My reseller do not have a conectorized version of epmp for now. just the Force 110 

The 110 PTP is the ePMP 1000 AP Lite (with a dish antenna), the only thing you need is the and the Horn Antenna.

I apologize for the confusion. When i hear F110 I am seeing the connectorized dish, not the ePMP1000 connectorized 5g radio. 

So i thought you were talking about the dish.

We have a few of those twist lock adapters mentioned as well as a few 30 degree feed horns, the range sucks. In our case customers had to be within 2 miles with clean LOS to get MCS at even an 11. Whereas a sector above it the customers are connecting 11-15 MCS with 3-10 mile shots

Confirmed. Force 110 can be used as Access Point for a maximum of 10 SMs.


Yes , we can use the force 110 as AP for PMP layouts.


What SMs are you using in the SMs side ? 

25Dbi Dish ? Force 180 ?

Depends on,

- The antenna on the AP

- The distance of the Station from the AP

- The interference at the Station side

- The throughput you want to achieve

Also the channel you are going to use must be taken into account since the radios do not have the same Tx Out on every channel and the antennas do not have the same gain on every channel. This applies mostly if you want to "play" a bit of the 5.4/5.8 spectrum.

You have to consider it on a station to station basis.

Im having issues with a RF Elements Horn with a suscriber ( the only one ) in a 2.8 kms link.  No signall at all. I dont know if the antenna is the issue or we have another problem. Im using a force 110 as AP and a Force 110 as SM .   TDD Mode.   LOS ok .  Tomorrow we will try with a dish antenna to figure out what is happen.