Force 110 Radome


I'm looking to put a ptp backhaul link on a cell tower and I want something synced.  I was looking at the Force 110,but in Michigan I think it would need a radome.  Is one made?  Will the force 200 radome work?  Should I consider a more expensive radio family?



 Force 200 radome will not fit.

I asked cambium for radomes way back when force 110 fame out and was told they were going to be made. Instead they released the force 200 with radomes. Which is great except for when you want a synced backhaul product.

My suggestion is get some mikrotik 2 foot dishes  and radomes(or smaller if you can get away with it) get some of the universal mounts for a epmp1000 radio and  the correct cables and mount it all up. We have some 30" dishes setup like this and it works just fine. ours in a non GPS version but the concept is the same.

Good luck.

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I've heard that the radome for the PMP450d will fit, but as far as I know that aren't sold seperately... I've never actaully eve seen a 450d, so I can't confirm, but if that is the case, it would be nice if Cambium could sell those... we have a few Force110 PTP links that I would like to put radomes on.

Otherwise, there are lots of options for 2' and larger dishes that have radomes available... I like using the ubiquiti dishes, because you can get an adapter (made by RF Elements) that will make an ePMP 1000 radio snap right into the dish and it's nice and clean. For something closer to the size of the Force 110 dish, there aren't as many options, but there are a few out there - RF Elements makes a nice dish that uses their twistport adapters, so an ePMP can directly attach (which is nice, because you don't have any antenna cables to deal with), but they seem to be out of stock everywhere, and have been for awhile. The only other options for small dishes that I can think of off hand, would be Jirous or the Ubiquiti airfiber dishes. You could also look at using a flat panel antenna, if you don't want to go to a larger dish.

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