Force 180 access door needs replacement

We finally lost one of the slide off plastic access doors on the Force 180 (to access the Ethernet connector). The plastic keeper did not hold and the wind took the door into the next county. So, I now have a radio with no way to protect the conenctor.  Any way to order a replacement door?? Or anyone out there have a bad Force 180 they want to donate a door from?

I've got several lightning-damaged Force180s under my desk in the NOC, I could send you a few doors on Monday or Tuesday.


I’d love that. Thanks! Want to email me at chad@auwireless dot net and I can provide an address and figure out how to pay for postage?

A) This community is awesome. :slight_smile:

B) Can Cambium comment if these doors are a part we can purchase though? The little tab straps dont really hold and they break. Can we buy replacement covers for the ePMP radios?

Unfortunately, we don't have a part set up to order that...