Force 180 Bridge without IP addresses?

I have a client with a tower that is picking up his internet from a WISP. He was using a media converter to get the Ethernet onto a fiber optic cable to get it to his house. The fiber has been damaged and I suggested a Force 180 PTP system. The problem is that his router is in the house and if I want to get static IP addresses for the two Force 180s it will cost $10 per month for each. Will the 180s bridge without IP addresses once they are set up? I guess I could put his router on the tower and then put a R201 in his house set as a bridge. Any advise on this for me would be most appreciated.


Place the radios in bridged mode, place the management interface in a vlan (vlan 20) with addresses from inside the clients network. Set the bridge IPs to and 0.2 with a mask of Do not set a client side vlan.
This will need a vlan aware switch on the house side and set two ports to trunk mode with native vlan 10 and the rest to access mode vlan 20 native 20.
Plug the ptp into a trunk port and the wan port of the outer to the other trunk. Plug port 1 of the router into any access port and now you have both access to the internet and to the bridge management.